2013: My year in review

January 12, 2014

PSSTT! I am backdating this post to January, when it was originally written, but am just now publishing it because…because…well, because I’m apparently an airhead who forgets the difference between the Publish button and the Save Draft button. #doh And then doesn’t even notice her mistake for four long months. #doubledoh Thanks for reading. :) […]


I’m almost done reading Happier At Home, the second “happiness” book from Gretchen Rubin. Her first, The Happiness Project, I enjoyed reading, but found a bit dull at times. This book I’m enjoying much more for some reason. Maybe I’m in a different place in my life? Perhaps it’s because I’m at home most of […]

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So, we moved last week. It was crazy. And fun! And crazy. And long. But fun! Due to an unfortunate glitch in customer service, we didn’t have an internet connection at the new house for 5 days. Or a functioning television. Our withdrawal symptoms were not pretty. But our internet provider problems aren’t what I […]


279 Days to Overnight Success, by Chris Guillebeau

Last weekend I sat down to read the free ebook from Chris Guillebeau, 279 Days to Overnight Success, and it didn’t disappoint. Chris is a blogger, bestselling author, travel junkie, and all-around inspiring guy. His main passion is spreading his message of non-conformity, that “you don’t have to live your life the way other people […]


So, what do you do?

April 5, 2010

Hmm, what the heck do I do again?

Since the majority of the world operates in the “Who do you work for?” mindset, there’s understandably confusion amongst my friends and family about what I do as a (crazy, THEY’RE ALL CRAZY) self-employed entrepreneur. And I guess I don’t blame them, I mean, how do I quickly explain what I do when it doesn’t […]


What is your ideal lifestyle?

I’ve recently caught-up with all of the back episodes of The Ren Men Show, and that, coupled with my having just read the updated and expanded edition of Tim Ferriss‘s 4-Hour Workweek, has really got me thinking a lot more about lifestyle design. I started my journey towards time and financial freedom when I was […]


The Power of Time Freedom

March 22, 2010

Bourbon Street, intersection with Canal Street, New Orleans

Note: Originally written Saturday, March 20th. I was burning holes in my esophagus, tasting hot sauces in my husband’s honor at a cute little shop that sold nothing but the spicy stuff. And that’s when it hit me – this is exactly what I’ve always wanted. Ok ok, not the hot sauces specifically, as frankly […]



It occurred to me a couple days ago that I hadn’t reviewed my life list in several months. I *love* these realizations. It’s a known fact that simply writing down your goals and dreams is a massive step towards actually making them come true. Don’t ask me how, but writing them down clicks something in […]