The Power of Time Freedom

March 22, 2010

Note: Originally written Saturday, March 20th.

I was burning holes in my esophagus, tasting hot sauces in my husband’s honor at a cute little shop that sold nothing but the spicy stuff. And that’s when it hit me – this is exactly what I’ve always wanted.

Ok ok, not the hot sauces specifically, as frankly it was a rather uncomfortable experience, but simply the ability to taste hot sauces…if I chose to…because I could…in the middle of a Friday afternoon…in a city of my choosing.

I’m currently sitting in my room in a tall hotel on Canal Street in New Orleans, just steps from the famed French Quarter. Yesterday, bright and early, I dragged my laptop down to the Starbucks in the lobby and sat there for 8 hours working. By mid-afternoon I had accomplished quite a bit, so I closed up shop and took off on foot to wander the Quarter.

Bourbon Street, intersection with Canal Street, New Orleans
French Quarter, New Orleans
Lafayette Square, Warehouse District, New Orleans
I’m here in nawwwlens because a girlfriend wanted to attend a conference this weekend related to her business and thought it’d be more fun if I came along. With her paying my way, it was a quick and easy decision. I can work from anywhere, after all, so why not!

But the point of all of this is that it was, in fact, a quick and easy decision. I work for myself now. I can work from anywhere, at anytime. It’s all up to me and me only. I finally – finally, FINALLY – after years of effort, have 100% time freedom.

And there are moments – like when I’m walking the smelly, loud, beautiful New Orleans French Quarter on a cool afternoon – when I wonder, how did this happen?

Bourbon Street, French Quarter, New Orleans

And, more importantly, how can I get others – read: YOU – to the point where we can share in this together?

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