chris brogan

The platforms of my life

June 27, 2012

I ran into a quote from Chris Brogan today, written in one of his most recent email newsletters, that said: “Platform is the opportunity to voice your views or inspire an action.” He was mainly referring to the platforms, mostly online, that we, as a brand or business, take advantage of. His list included Twitter […]

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Apple Keyboard, on Flickr by Declan Jewell

Wowie zowie. Sometimes the blogosphere (or at least the teeny tiny piece of it that I monitor) seems to blow up about the same topic all at once. Perhaps it’s like some blogger, mind-reading thing? Or maybe they get together in secret and plan it out? Who knows. What I do know, though, is that […]


What is your ideal lifestyle?

I’ve recently caught-up with all of the back episodes of The Ren Men Show, and that, coupled with my having just read the updated and expanded edition of Tim Ferriss‘s 4-Hour Workweek, has really got me thinking a lot more about lifestyle design. I started my journey towards time and financial freedom when I was […]



Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to receive a pre-release copy of Chris Brogan’s new book, Social Media 101, to play around with, and have recorded a quick review as a guest post on The Ren Men Show. Grant Peelle and Alan Ledford have a fantastic show about lifestyle design, real estate, self-education, and […]


Expanding my horizons

January 12, 2010


If we’re connected on Twitter or DailyBooth, you’ve might caught me mention recently that I have turned in my two-week notice at my nine-to-five jobby job and am counting down the days until I’m 100% self-employed. Am I getting a fast start on my 2010 goals or what?! LOOK AT ME GO. One of the […]


When I grow up…

January 4, 2010


…I want to be like Chris Brogan, because he creates quality content regularly and consistently, and never complains about it. …I want to be like Jillian Michaels, because she has been nothing but true to herself and now inspires millions. …I want to be like Gary Vaynerchuk, because he cares. Period. …I want to be […]


A really cool thing happened to me a few weeks ago that represents the core purpose of what Twitter, and really networking online of any kind, is all about. Here’s why: You can find Inbound Marketing here. What Twitter Wins have you experienced? Share.