I was reading a book intro the other today about webinars (one of the most powerful marketing tools ever), and it got me thinking about what knowledge I have. I was reading about Lewis Howes, specifically, and how he spent one year immersing himself into LinkedIn, became so knowledgeable about the platform that he became […]

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I took a road trip with my punkin last weekend. We spent 14 hours total in the car, just the two of us, and somehow we made it home in one piece. Well, in two pieces. Her and me. I mean, but we were each in one piece. (Huh?) What I’m trying to say is, […]


So, we moved last week. It was crazy. And fun! And crazy. And long. But fun! Due to an unfortunate glitch in customer service, we didn’t have an internet connection at the new house for 5 days. Or a functioning television. Our withdrawal symptoms were not pretty. But our internet provider problems aren’t what I […]


1. Start a business. 2. WORK REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD. 3. Quit your job. — Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you can skimp on – or skip over – Step 2. —


Q & A: Quitting Your Job

August 31, 2011

I am frequently asked questions, online and off, about the details surrounding how I quit my job. Before January 2010, when I did it myself, I never realized how many of you amazing folks had similar goals and dreams. Or, I should say that I never realized how many people not only wanted to quit […]



I ran into this poster last weekend: So the key, then, would be realizing when you’re just “being busy.” Right? Knowing when you’re just being busy, or you’re not on the right track, or you’re in need of halting your dig. Right? Stopping, every once in a while, is a good thing, you know. Taking […]

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Whenever I tell people what I do – run a few small businesses out of my home – they always ask me how I got the guts to quit my full-time job and start a business, and I can never answer their question. I can’t answer it because I didn’t quit my job and then […]


Big Omaha

Greetings from (rainy. very very rainy.) Omaha! I’m excited to get to spend the next couple days learning and networking and drinking coffee at Big Omaha. In its third year, this conference is “the nation’s most ambitious conference of innovation and entrepreneurship.” Also, it rocks. If you’re in the Midwest, or if you’re entrepreneurial-minded, or […]