My mini summer life list! Remember that? Annie’s Summer “Inspire Me” list 1) Try 5 new (to me) coffee shops 2) Visit 3 new (to me) book stores 3) Take a class 4) Teach myself how to knit 5) Bake a cake from scratch In July I was itching for new scenery and a jolt of […]

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For the majority of this year (so far), even before Babygirl was born, I’ve been feeling stuck in a creativity rut. Not in the negative sense, but in regards to routines. You know how it seems like you’re always doing the same things and eating at the same places and seeing the same stuff? Yeah. […]


#12 - Goals, on Flickr by JohnONolan

#12-Goals, on Flickr by JohnONolan Apologies for the profanity, but you can’t beat this life list. It paints such a great picture of the writer, don’t you think? Determined. Exhilarated. Creative. And inspired. Right? I love it! Couldn’t resist sharing. (Thanks for finding this shot, Jenn!)


Oh, well hello there! How are you? You’re good? Great. You’re hot? Yeah, I know. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m kind of excited this afternoon. Well, and kinda nervous. I’m excitedly nervous. Or nervously excited. I’ll stop now. I’ve just created a permanent home for my oddball, selfish, embarrassing, little life list. […]

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Diary From a Classroom, Part 2

December 30, 2010

old school, by alamosbasement on Flickr

NOTE: Click HERE for Diary of a Classroom, Part 1 Well, a few weeks ago I promised more notes from a classroom and, you guys, I almost didn’t survive to tell this tale. The first half of my required classes in order to apply for my real estate license went pretty well. There was an […]


Diary From a Classroom

December 8, 2010

Classroom Annie!

If you happen to follow me on Twitter you might have noticed lately that, uhh, I haven’t really been tweeting much to follow. I’ve been in class! Nate and I have recently made things official: our first, solo, real estate investment property. Eek! We’ve had plans for years to get into real estate, and number […]


Life List #73? Check.

July 28, 2010

cartoon warren buffett

2010 is turning into quite the year for my Life List – it seems to be shrinking at lightening speed. The first weekend in May Nate and I took a quick, 24-hour trip to Omaha to attend the annual shareholder weekend for Berkshire Hathaway. Part of the deal, of course, was getting the opportunity to […]



It occurred to me a couple days ago that I hadn’t reviewed my life list in several months. I *love* these realizations. It’s a known fact that simply writing down your goals and dreams is a massive step towards actually making them come true. Don’t ask me how, but writing them down clicks something in […]