When I was 12(ish) years old, I started babysitting for the kids in my neighborhood. I would always pack a small backpack full of a couple toys and some crayons and activities, and when I would arrive I would let the kids pick something out to keep. I also used to tidy up the main […]


So, we moved last week. It was crazy. And fun! And crazy. And long. But fun! Due to an unfortunate glitch in customer service, we didn’t have an internet connection at the new house for 5 days. Or a functioning television. Our withdrawal symptoms were not pretty. But our internet provider problems aren’t what I […]


The laptop bag story

October 10, 2013

When I first left my corporate job, I almost immediately purged my house of everything that reminded me of it. I went through and threw away almost everything that came home with me that final week in boxes – the old stress toys with vendor logos and the multiple faded, branded drink mugs, especially the […]

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The day my mindset switched from “I want to leave” to “I have to leave” was the day I was treated like an administrator by my manager. It wasn’t really his fault, he thought he was doing me a service. I had talked with him in the past about taking on a different role within […]


My typical day to day comings and goings don’t take me past the campus of the corporation where I used to work. It’s not too far from our house, but just doesn’t happen to be in a direction that I drive towards for grocery store runs or coffee shop appointments or trips to Babies ‘R […]

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Although I had several work buddies during my 7 year stint in the corporate world, I never really thought of any of them as friends. Work Buddy: someone you chat with in the break room and go out to lunch with once in a while. Friend: someone you choose to see on the weekends. Big […]

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2010-01-21 20.54.25

It’s been 2 years. I am so, so grateful.

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Kill the snake

November 14, 2011

The company I worked for in my former life used to have a comprehensive program for new employees, a week-long class on company culture and history, policies and expectations. As much as I’m not a fan of corporate – to absolutely no fault of the company I was a part of – there was one […]

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