How I Built My Network Marketing Business

November 3, 2011

How I built – and continue to build – my network marketing business:


By saying less to more people.
With a sense of urgency.
By asking a lot of questions.
By treating it as a serious, professional business. Not a hobby.

By never forgetting why I’m doing what I’m doing.
By always remembering the reasons that are NOT why I’m doing what I’m doing.

With faith that anything is possible.
While keeping others needs in mind, and placing them before my own.
Without desperation.

By sharing and attracting likeminded people.
By not selling and convincing.

With intention.
With respect.
With even more respect.
Energetically, enthusiastically, and excitedly.

By remembering that I can still be successful, even if none of my friends or family joined me in the business.

By knowing the difference between income-producing activity and time-wasting activity.

With complete trust in my leadership.
With an unwavering belief in the process.

With discipline and hard work.
With honesty.

With a focus on the long term benefits, not the short term gain.
By not spending energy and effort in reinventing the wheel.
By keeping the main thing the main thing.

With simplicity.
By keeping it simple.

By loving people for where they are, not where I want them to be.

By paying a lot of attention to what people do.
By paying very little attention to what people say they are going to do.

Without taking anything personally.
Without taking myself (or anything) too seriously.
Without letting naysayers steal my dreams with their words.

By always remembering the belief I have in the industry.
By always remembering the belief I have in my company and its products.
By always remembering the belief I have in myself.
By always working to strengthen my belief in the industry, my company, and myself.

With consistency.

With a willingness to stretch out of my comfort zone. Regularly.

By surrounding myself with likeminded, positive, supportive people.
By removing myself from people that are not…those people.

Without shrinking to the level of those who are not supportive of the industry.
With honesty about the fact that there ARE crappy parts of this industry.
With a willingness to kindly educate those openminded to learning the difference.

By always remaining coachable. Always always. Always.
By remembering that those at the top of the business are there for a reason.
By remembering that the biggest copycat wins.

With extreme humbleness and gratefulness.
With patience, understanding, and determination.

With a supreme trust in the fact that those that are supposed to be a part of my business will be, and those that aren’t, won’t be. And being ok with that.

By always refusing to drag people behind me, or handhold them through the business.

With knowledge and faith that there are people in every country, every city, and every neighborhood that are desperate for serious financial change in their lives.
With the determination to be someone that shares with them an option to make that happen.

By leading respectfully, inspiring consistently, and stepping back and letting my team do their to work.

With the knowledge that recruiting fixes all problems. ALL problems.
Without a fear of having hard conversations.
Without a fear of being honest.

By sticking to my guns.

With belief that anything is possible.

By saying less to more people.
With intention.

With respect.

By never forgetting why I’m doing what I’m doing. Never ever.



What do you think? What would you add?

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