A disciplined Monday

September 26, 2012


Today is Monday. Today was a Monday. You know? A weekend filled with visiting family and unusually early four-and-a-half-month-old baby wake up calls left me foggyheaded this morning. The feeling continued as the day went on. You know those days when your brain is ready to go and be all productive, but you just can’t […]

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The day my mindset switched from “I want to leave” to “I have to leave” was the day I was treated like an administrator by my manager. It wasn’t really his fault, he thought he was doing me a service. I had talked with him in the past about taking on a different role within […]


For a long time, I really struggled with the underlying reason why I wanted different things for my life than most other people. Why I wanted Different, I had no idea, I just knew that I did. That frustrated me and often made me feel guilty. Why was everyone else supposedly ok with the same […]


The sale!

April 30, 2012

I don’t like to write about these types of things very often, but this one is too good to pass up. Are you familiar with Adam Baker of Or Karol Gajda of Or their joint project, a massive digital information product sale that only comes around once or twice a year, Well, […]

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Your kids. Your spouse. Your job. No money. Too much money. Too much debt. Too much success. Too much failure. Your age. Your friends. Your lack of friends. Reasons. Excuses. They can only be one or the other. They can’t be both. How you categorize them is up to you, and is under no one […]

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Leadership is hard.

April 12, 2012

Leadership is hard. You can’t lead people that don’t want to be lead. You can try, but it’s like trying to motivate a dead horse to just trot a few more yards. No amount of enthusiasm or arm-waving or encouragement is gonna do it. It’s out of your control. But you can make a difference […]

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I ran into this today: Think about why? Well, alrighty then. Why did I start writing? – Because I realized it made me happy. – Because I constantly had sentences and paragraphs and novels flowing through my head that I was tired of knowing were going to waste. Plus, the only way to sleep was […]

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Plane taking off

Want your business to grow? Want your LIFE to grow? Try these: 1. Burn the boats. If you land on an island and command your squad to start fighting the natives, what’s the surest way to gaurantee that you win? Burn the boats. Put yourself into a situation where there’s no turning back. That way […]