Reasons vs Excuses (Or, Why Having No Money and No Time Should Move You Forward Instead of Holding You Back)

April 19, 2012

Your kids.
Your spouse.
Your job.

No money.
Too much money.

Too much debt.
Too much success.
Too much failure.

Your age.
Your friends.
Your lack of friends.

Reasons. Excuses. They can only be one or the other. They can’t be both. How you categorize them is up to you, and is under no one else’s control but your own.

No one else’s control. But. Your. Own.

The kids are the kids, and they’re either your reason for doing something or your excuse for not.

Your job is your job. Will you make it your reason? Or your excuse?

You don’t have any money. Are you going to allow your finances to keep you from taking action, using it as an excuse? Or will it be the very reason you decide to take action today..this minute…this second?

Your situation is your situation, and it’s not going to change unless you decide to change it. In order to decide to change it, you have to decide on how to categorize it.

Your situation is your reason, or it’s your excuse. You pick.

I included this at the end of another post recently, but it warrants being included one more time:

Choose wisely!

You are one of my biggest reasons,

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