My reasons why…your reasons why…

April 10, 2012

I ran into this today:

Think about why? Well, alrighty then.

Why did I start writing?
– Because I realized it made me happy.
– Because I constantly had sentences and paragraphs and novels flowing through my head that I was tired of knowing were going to waste. Plus, the only way to sleep was to calm them down and the only way to calm them down was to write them down.
– Because I realized it made me happy.

Why did I start to sharing Vemma 5 years ago?
– Because of the stories I heard about how the product affected peoples lives.
– Because I trusted my friend that introduced it to me.
– Because I saw the potential in it being a financial vehicle to get me where I wanted to go.
– Because I wanted out of corporate.
– Because I thought it was neat that I could work towards my goal of time freedom, while also sharing something positive with others.
– Because I believed in it.

Why did I start investing in real estate 1 year ago?
– Because I have always been fascinated by it.
– Because I have always read about it.
– Because both Hubz and I knew what a powerful residual income stream it could produce.
– Because we wanted him out of corporate.

Why, almost a decade ago, did I start working towards complete time and financial freedom?
– Because I wanted to do what I wanted when I wanted.
– Because I knew I had a higher calling in life, and that I would know what it was when I found it, and that I wouldn’t find it if I was stuck working towards someone else’s agenda. (Still haven’t found it, by the way.)
– Because I just felt like I deserved it for some reason.
– Because I knew I wanted children someday, and the ultimate flexibility to raise and enjoy them.
– Because I wanted to help people.
– Because it felt right; way, way deep down.

Because it’s worth it.

And if it’s not worth it yet, it will be. Ten times over.

So, what about you – why did you start? Do you know? Do you remember?

Notice that I never mentioned above that I started something because I knew HOW to do it.

I knew why I wanted to do it. I knew what I wanted to accomplish in the end. I had no clue about the how part. Because you know what? That part didn’t matter.

Remind yourself why. Let it drive you. Because when you do? Those bumps in the road will look a lot less tricky to leap over, I promise.

And make that why a good one, by the way. Make it a doozy. Always remember:

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