A disciplined Monday

September 26, 2012

Today is Monday. Today was a Monday. You know?

A weekend filled with visiting family and unusually early four-and-a-half-month-old baby wake up calls left me foggyheaded this morning. The feeling continued as the day went on.

You know those days when your brain is ready to go and be all productive, but you just can’t convince your body to make the motions? Yeah. That.

I don’t think I’ve ever written about it, but the words that Hubz and I decided back in January would define our year were Path, Push, Focus, and Discipline. (Here were our words for 2011.)

Today, as I realized it was late morning and upon reviewing the score – emails sent: 0, dishes done: 0, conversations with mascara wand: 0 – I got to thinking about discipline.

Discipline isn’t only about forcing yourself to do 15 reps instead of 8 or keeping your self-imposed office hours nomatterwhat or never eating carbs.

Sometimes, I believe, discipline can be about the little stuff. That slight edge. The tiny differences throughout the day that on their own aren’t much, but when added up, turn a day wasted into a lovely list of little accomplishments.

Ok. So it might not be the day that the laundry and the dishes and your eyelashes are all in a wrapped up in a state of perfection. And it might not be the day that you achieve inbox zero and publish two blog posts and enroll three new brand partners, but honestly, what day is? Aren’t all days simply a collection of little decisions, added up to create a colorful picture of productivity in business and mommyhood and…life?

Like sending two quick texts to Vemma team members to check in on last week’s accomplishments while feeding your baby. Or doing three speedy dishes out of the giant stack when she’s quiet with a toy on the living room floor. Returning to do three more when she’s temporarily entertained by the dog bounding across the foyer.

Like typing a few thoughts into a text file with one hand while she wriggles and kicks on your lap, because she isn’t happy anywhere else this late in the day and you’re just not willing to lose the inspiration.

And like recognizing that your foggy head just won’t do well with the numbers you have to look up for your accountant, so you settle for creating a to do list for the week’s projects. At least you can start organizing them in your head.

Something, albeit something small, is better than nothing.

20120925-145751.jpg My daughter. The mophead.

That slight edge. I’m banking today on the fact that it all adds up.


Note: And in proof that Monday truly was a Monday, I didn’t get a chance to publish this until Wednesday. Weeee!

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