When I was 12(ish) years old, I started babysitting for the kids in my neighborhood. I would always pack a small backpack full of a couple toys and some crayons and activities, and when I would arrive I would let the kids pick something out to keep. I also used to tidy up the main […]


Plane taking off

Want your business to grow? Want your LIFE to grow? Try these: 1. Burn the boats. If you land on an island and command your squad to start fighting the natives, what’s the surest way to gaurantee that you win? Burn the boats. Put yourself into a situation where there’s no turning back. That way […]


If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission, on Flickr by billsoPHOTO

I received a call this afternoon from my bank, and no, something wasn’t wrong with our accounts. I hadn’t overdrawn or not paid a bill or been the victim of identify theft. Nope, our banker called to say hello. Actually, it was more like, “Hey Annie! How are you? How are things? Everything going swimmingly?” […]


How to Get What You Want

September 7, 2010

sky 3, by fontplaydotcom on Flickr

What’s the worst thing that can happen when one person asks another person for something? That they’re told no, right? No is the worst result, the one where you end up in the same place you started. The best result, of course, being yes. Or at least a partial yes. And even a partial yes […]


Why Your Why is So Important

September 2, 2010

I just recorded a super-casual, quick thought on your Why: (If you can’t see the video, click here.) Do you remember Why you’re doing this? Whatever your “this” might be? (This business, this project, this job, this venture, whatever.) Think about your Why – is it grounded in a goal for yourself or for others? […]


Posted on CNNMoney last week, this article contains great tidbits of advice – practical and somewhat humorous – from celebrities and public figures of all makes and models. Without focusing on the details, I like the underlying messages of #8 Jim Rogers, #15 Meredith Whitney, and #20 Miles White. Take a look! CNN Money’s Best […]

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