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April 30, 2012

I don’t like to write about these types of things very often, but this one is too good to pass up.

Are you familiar with Adam Baker of
Or Karol Gajda of

Or their joint project, a massive digital information product sale that only comes around once or twice a year,

Well, make sure you are. And make sure you do it today!

Here’s why taking a peek at their site today might be a good idea:

The quick gist of it is this: We run massive digital information product niche sales 2-3 times per year for just 72 hours at a time.

Only72 officially launched on Cyber Monday 2010 with a bang. The response was overwhelming, and besides having a successful sale, we raised over $30k for Charity:Water. Sale #2 in June 2011 resulted in another successful sale and we raised over $10k for The Kidney Foundation. And with our third sale on Cyber Monday 2011 we donated to the Women of the Americas Sustainability Initiative!

All told we’re lucky enough to call over 3,500 fine-looking, intelligent, men & woman our customers and we’re proud to state that we’ve raised over $45k for charity.

Our next sale, Only72 Presents The $100 Startup, will take place April 30, 2012.

Their next sale starts April 30th. Today!

Personal and business development…huge discounts…charity…they’ve got my attention. Let’s keep readin’:

We’re excited to team up with Chris Guillebeau to coordinate what we’re calling “The $100 Startup” package.

The $100 Startup is Chris’ new amazing book, which we are shipping anywhere in the world (at no additional charge!) with every package this time (the first time we’ve had a physical product as part of our sales).

In the book, Chris makes an even more brilliant case, including dozens of examples, of why your world-changing idea doesn’t need thousands of dollars to get started.

We’ve assembled training from a wide variety of bloggers, authors, teachers, and trainers on a diverse set of business topics.

This new package focuses on:
-Creating, designing, and successfully building a blog that actually matters to people.
-Identifying your passion (and then building a career around it).
-Becoming a freelancer (or improving your writing).
-Building confidence, balancing work and life, and facing fear.
-How to sell (ethically) in a way that actually works (one of my favorite courses).
-How to improve and increase ad income (if you run a website with advertising).
-How to structure your technology, productivity, and small business systems.
-How to publish a book and how to get paid to create art professionally.

As you can see, we really tried to diversify the different courses and training in this package – so that it can benefit almost anyone who wants to get started online. $100 Startup Sale

The newly released book $100 Startup is on my wish list. That alone makes me excited about this sale.

The package of materials that are available are perfect for just about anyone who wants to make a side income or a serious business out of anything online. Writers, designers, bloggers, marketers, you name it.

However, if that’s not you? If you’re not looking for any additional money on the side, if you’re not looking to build a business, if you’re not looking for personal development and business growth? Then these materials aren’t for you.

Please don’t spend your hard-earned pennies, mmkay?

Here is how works:

You get $1,000 in courses for just $100 (one-time payment).

We’ll also ship a hardcover copy of Chris’ new book anywhere in the world to you.

We can only do this big of a discount (90% off) for a few days. The sale lasts 72 hours.

Once the sale is over, it’s over for good. We do one or two a year max – and never with the same training.

It’s a simple idea that helps a lot of people.

And finally:

If you’re in the market for training to help you start or ramp up your business or income from creative sources, I firmly believe this is the best offer of the year (for an affordable price).

If you aren’t starting or running a business… Or don’t have interest in leveraging your creative talents to produce side income… then don’t be silly and buy this package.

At the end of the day, if you download the package – and never actually apply the training? You help no one.

It doesn’t benefit me long-term. It certainly doesn’t benefit you.

So if you take advantage of the hard work we did to put together such an amazing package – you have to promise me you’ll actually study, use, and then TAKE ACTION on the content involved.

If you can pinky-swear me you’ll do that, check out the full list of products included here.

Personally, I’m excited about the parts of the package that will teach me a bit more about freelancing and book publishing. Because, you know, I have those writing and reading geek tendencies. Hubz is looking forward to the passion/career materials.

Can’t wait.

Check out, friendlies. You’ll be glad you did. The clock is ticking! $100 Startup Sale

Cheers, Baker and Karol. This is an impressive offer. Hope it helps a lot of people!

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