We all have folks in business that we admire. We look at their success, we look at their list of accomplishments, we look at their current state and wish we had it. Even just a piece of it. We CAN have it, you know. Because those successes? They all started somewhere. They all made the […]


Simplicity Wins

May 12, 2010

Simplicity moves you forward

Fact: When business is complicated and activity unfocused, growth does not occur. When business is simple, focused, and to-the-point, it grows. I know that makes succeeding in business sound like it’s easy, or that it should be easy. It’s not. Succeeding in business – succeeding in any area of life – is hard. But it […]


Yup, it’s a bold statement. Just watch it. Powerful, eh? Immediate reactions?


So, what do you do?

April 5, 2010

Hmm, what the heck do I do again?

Since the majority of the world operates in the “Who do you work for?” mindset, there’s understandably confusion amongst my friends and family about what I do as a (crazy, THEY’RE ALL CRAZY) self-employed entrepreneur. And I guess I don’t blame them, I mean, how do I quickly explain what I do when it doesn’t […]


I’m honored to present a guest post by my Twitter friend Rod Kirby – a fellow blogger, an inspiration, and an all-around awesome guy who cares SO MUCH about the success of others. Listen up! ~Annie 5 Ways to Live Your Best Life with Social Media By, Rod Kirby For social media marketers, entrepreneurs, professionals, […]


Business Book Gift Guide

December 16, 2009


A friend asked me earlier today what 5 business or personal development books I would recommend. To that type of question I could come up with a bazillion different answers. They would vary drastically based on the who, the what, on the experience and the interests. So, to narrow things down a bit and considering […]


Finding Direction

December 2, 2009


Every day bajillions of people start a new venture. They decide to start a photography business, they decide to open a Subway franchise, they decide to create a Facebook fan page, they decide to start selling bowling balls. Whatever. With each of those decisions and all the choices that were mulled over, how many choices […]


Be true to yourself

November 7, 2009


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about DNA. Behind successful people in every niche are many years of growing and developing, personally motivating themselves to develop into the type of person that CAN be successful. Only gaining the success (and often, in turn, the money) up to the point that they have developed themselves. Millionaires […]