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Lifestyle Design seems to be a term that’s thrown around a lot, especially online. It’s kind of become a cool and hip thing to say, something that makes anyone you meet go Ohhhh when you mention it. And then they walk away wondering what the heck you’re talking about. As popular of a term it […]


Be true to yourself

November 7, 2009


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about DNA. Behind successful people in every niche are many years of growing and developing, personally motivating themselves to develop into the type of person that CAN be successful. Only gaining the success (and often, in turn, the money) up to the point that they have developed themselves. Millionaires […]


Ever have one of those days where you just wake up in a funk? Maybe it’s a lack of a sleep, maybe it’s a spouse/friend/business partner relationship that has you in a tizzy, or maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. No matter the cause, once in a while you […]

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I’ve recently been introduced to Carrie Wilkerson’s blog, the Barefoot Executive, and am loving getting to know the site. The Barefoot Exec describes herself as “the definitive resource for helping women achieve extra income and career goals while working from home,” but I’ve found that her insight, experience, and posts could apply to any entrepreneur. […]

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If you haven’t yet heard about Gary Vaynerchuk, stop where you are and read this. Then, check out this site and this one. Oh, and this one, too. I’ve been quietly following Gary for several months now and have absorbed most of his posts, videocasts, and keynotes. I would be lying if I said I […]

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