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Earlier this week, after dinner, I cracked open a beer and started thinking backwards… It was a weekday afternoon in early 2010. I think it was February. Actually, I know it was February, because it was just a week before our family trip to Hawaii. I felt like writing something, something different for someone other […]


This is Angela from IWYS. And that, on the top-right, is my logo!

The worker bees here at [] have worked their magic and my logo is featured today – along with 25 others – on Fancy, eh? A huge thank you to Jason Sadler and everyone on the IWYS team. If you’re not familiar with Jason or his business, the short version is that he wears […]


I finally had a moment to review UnMarketing: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging by Scott Stratten. Scott, on Twitter, is insightful, caring, goofy, personable, and inspiring. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised then when I found his brand-name book insightful, caring, goofy, personable, and inspiring. Add honest and entertaining and straightforward to the list for […]


The Social Network,

I caught the trailer for the unofficial Facebook movie for the first time on tv today. (I don’t watch much television, has it been playing for a while?) The Social Network, starring Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg, releases early October. Considering this is a movie about one of the centers of the entire social media […]


Poor blog comments. They’re old school, unsexy, and rarely discussed. But do you realize how powerful they are? Thoughts? Is regularly commenting on blogs an important piece of your social media day? If it’s not, should it be?



I know I know, you have all seen this video a bajillion times… …or have you? I was having a conversation during a networking lunch today about social media that got me thinking. It’s widely known that your lifestyle closely mirrors that of your closest peers. This typically applies to the amount of money you […]


I’m honored to present a guest post by my Twitter friend Rod Kirby – a fellow blogger, an inspiration, and an all-around awesome guy who cares SO MUCH about the success of others. Listen up! ~Annie 5 Ways to Live Your Best Life with Social Media By, Rod Kirby For social media marketers, entrepreneurs, professionals, […]


Expanding my horizons

January 12, 2010


If we’re connected on Twitter or DailyBooth, you’ve might caught me mention recently that I have turned in my two-week notice at my nine-to-five jobby job and am counting down the days until I’m 100% self-employed. Am I getting a fast start on my 2010 goals or what?! LOOK AT ME GO. One of the […]