Simplicity Wins

May 12, 2010

Simplicity moves you forward

Fact: When business is complicated and activity unfocused, growth does not occur. When business is simple, focused, and to-the-point, it grows.

I know that makes succeeding in business sound like it’s easy, or that it should be easy. It’s not. Succeeding in business – succeeding in any area of life – is hard. But it doesn’t need to be complicated. See the difference?

Whenever I hit a rough patch with a project and find myself frustrated, I tend to step back to take a look at the situation from a higher level. The vast majority of the time I find that things are getting frustrating because I’m making them too complicated. In fact, I’d venture to say that complication is ALWAYS the reason why I’ve fallen off track. Be it the track of bringing in new business, the track of sharing a product, the track of keeping up with my reading, whatever.

Back-up, review what’s really important, identify your main purpose, and then do it. Don’t let your core purpose (sharing a product, producing content in your niche, providing a specific value, etc) get lost in the shuffle of paperwork and busy schedules or the distractions of technology and trends and well-I-should-be’s.

Are you so busy building your business that you’re not able to build your business?

Don’t over-complicate. Keep things simple. Keep honed-in on your core purpose. Aren’t able to focus the majority of your time on that simple purpose anymore? Too much other “stuff” that has to be taken care of? Too many bumps in the road keeping you from smoothly moving forward? Then maybe a few things need to change.

Consider it.

Your thoughts? How do you keep your focus on your core purpose when life and admin threaten to get in the way?

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