Be true to yourself

November 7, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about DNA. Behind successful people in every niche are many years of growing and developing, personally motivating themselves to develop into the type of person that CAN be successful. Only gaining the success (and often, in turn, the money) up to the point that they have developed themselves. Millionaires are millionaires, they say, not because they’ve found a way to earn a million dollars, but because they’ve developed themselves into the type of person that’s worth a million. dna_logo

However, even with all of the personal evolution behind every major success, they have a hard-coded, unique DNA. The rules, so to speak, that foundationally drive who they are as a person, their interests and their passions. You can’t ignore your DNA, and it’s this that I think is so important NOT to forget.

I think so many people get energized and excited about business idea after business idea, starting this one, switching to that one, trying this fad, that hot topic. And you know what? No matter how much they learn, no matter how many books they read or keynotes they watch or successful entrepreneurs they interview, they will never find their elusive success if they ignore who they truly are when chosing their niche. NO MATTER WHAT. Because there could be the biggest business opportunity around right-handed jibjabs, but if you don’t care about those jibjabs, if they wouldn’t be what you’d say when you answer the age old “if money and time were no object, what would you do with your time?” question, if your passion isn’t there, it won’t work. It’s not worth your effort, and it’s definitely not worth your valuable time.

If you love crochet, if you spend ten hours a day thinking about The Simpsons, if you just can’t get enough peanut brittle (woo!), be true to that! Step up, tell the world of your love, and be honest with yourself. Be honest with your DNA. Build your business around THAT passion. Not only will it lead you, when coupled with continual learning, closer to your picture of success, but you will be a thousand times happier while on the journey.

What’re your thoughts about DNA and it’s impact on entrepreneurs? Are you currently building a business around your passion? Do you think it’s more difficult to be successful when you don’t love what you’re doing? Or do you think it’s all the same?

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