This child

May 27, 2011

photo 22

Ohh, this child. She makes my ovaries hurt. Pang. Ping. Pang pang. Whoops. That was them. “Hi, Auntie!” I mean, honestly, can we take note of those cheeks. Those cheeks could spark world peace. This child also makes me laugh. I turn on the front-facing camera on my iPhone. She notices it. “My! Look at […]


A basement list

May 25, 2011

Basement hideout

1. Our home is an old, cute Tudor in the center of the city of Kansas City. Nooks and crannies, tons of character, oddly wonderful smells – we love it. We’ve also had to remodel every piece of it since we moved in over 4 years ago. But that’s another story for another time. A […]


I’m feeling grateful today. And lucky. And geeky. Wait, I’m always feeling geeky. So I guess that’s nothing new? Nope. Not new. Crap. So, I’m feeling grateful, because I didn’t apply to get noticed. “The H&R Block Business and Career Center was designed, in part, to help people get their own businesses up and running. […]


I’m a notebook kind of gal. Have we discussed this? The past couple years I’ve molded into an I-never-do-not-have-my-notebook-with-me type of person. It serves as my scratch pad, my list of reminders, my diary, and, often, my sanity. Amongst the scribble of the garage code for the rental property and my grocery list from last […]

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Hey you, my favorite reader. (Shh, don’t tell the other one!) I have a favor to ask. Will you watch this video for me? Pretty please? And then, if it’s not too much, will you pass it on? It can be to just one person, that’s fine. Oh, two people? See, that’s why you’re my […]


Yesterday evening, while digging for something else, I ran into a few pieces of writing on an old hard drive. A few oooold pieces of writing on an oooold hard drive. Most of what I found was…atrocious. Let’s just say that it will never, never ever ever, ever ever see the light of day. But […]

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This dog

May 17, 2011

This doggie

It’s so sad that she isn’t loved. So very, very sad.

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1. I am currently reading Kathryn Stockett’s novel, The Help and, wow. It’s greatly affected my ability to get 8 full hours of sleep the past couple nights. Stupid book. (What’re you reading?) 2. My triple chins say hello! From Big Omaha! 3. I almost left my beloved black blazer in my hotel room this […]