Hypocrite and okay with it

November 10, 2015

I feel accomplished and good at my job if I successfully cook an actual meal for dinner. I also take pride in the fact that we are not one of those families that demands a homecooked meal every evening and we’re happy with it. I defend my choice to order Chinese carry out just as […]


Yesterday morning I snuck into my bathroom to get cleaned up and, as usually happens, both girls quickly followed me in there. They can destroy my bathroom in 47 seconds if allowed, but I usually do allow it because if I have to choose between keeping a neat and tidy bathroom and not looking like […]

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Well. As I write this, it’s 3:34 on Monday afternoon and both kids are sleeping. This hasn’t happened in forever, as Addy has taken more of an interest lately in emptying the entire contents of her dresser and banging incessantly on her door than sleeping, and EJ dropped her afternoon nap ages ago, but refuses […]

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Last week I hit Submit on the withdrawal request from Amazon Payments into my bank account, sending the Kickstarter funds my way direction, where I then immediately sent them on to the illustrator. Just now I found a fully completed draft of a blog post all about the Kickstarter campaign that I never published. Which […]

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There is a lot of weird stuff circulating around the webz lately about Happiness. People preaching about how we must always be striving for it, other people preaching about how it can never truly be captured, and yet others that are sick of the word completely and just moving for the whole “finding happiness” campaign […]


A Day in the Life

October 22, 2014


Monday, October 13th, 2014 6:17am Hear EJ stirring via the monitor, sneak upstairs to grab her, bring her down to the living room, feed her, chug a glass of water, set her up on the living room floor with a few toys. 6:30am┬áRefill my water glass, sit down at the kitchen desk, open laptop, check […]

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Dear Babygirl 1 & 2

October 9, 2014


Dear Babygirl 1, You are more and more sweet to your little sister every day, and for that I am eternally thankful. You touch her hair and give her kisses and tell her it’s going to be okay when she cries. You ask where she is if we ever get in the car without her, […]