From the Notebook: The past week, happiness is…

May 23, 2011

I’m a notebook kind of gal. Have we discussed this? The past couple years I’ve molded into an I-never-do-not-have-my-notebook-with-me type of person. It serves as my scratch pad, my list of reminders, my diary, and, often, my sanity.

Amongst the scribble of the garage code for the rental property and my grocery list from last Wednesday and two book recommendations from a friend were a few “Happiness is…” entries. I’ve apparently been in a poetic, journaling mood the past week.

Happiness is…that long intake of breath as you slowly tip your coffee cup up to take that first sip.

Happiness is…when the dog’s mouth is dry and, when called, she looks up at you with her lip caught on her tooth. That innocent, unintentional, lopsided snarl. Hi.lar.i.ous.

Happiness is……leaving the back door wide open so the smell of the freshly cut grass wafts into the kitchen.

Happiness is…a new pair of jeans.

Those were dated Thursday, May 19th. From Friday:

Happiness is…the smell of a new paperback.
…the feel of the grainy cover of a new paperback.
…the crispness and straight lines of a new paperback.
…paperbacks! paperbacks! paperbacks!

So maybe I spent a few minutes that day wallowing in the stacks at Barnes & Noble.


Happiness is…cresting a hill while driving down the interstate to a sea of majestic, silent, starch white wind turbines.

Happiness is…driving 14 hours in 2 days to celebrate baptisms and new homes, first communions and birthdays with those you love.

Happiness is…family.

And I guess that’s all there is to say about that. Stay tuned for more exhilarating entires from Annie’s Beloved Notebook!

Wow, if that’s not the most pathetic sentence I’ve ever written.

I was just kidding, anyway.

(Sort of.)

(Sorry.) (In advance.)

Here’s one more:

Happiness is…being yourself.

Agreed. Very much, agreed.

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