10 (completely, utterly, totally, randomly random) things

May 13, 2011

1. I am currently reading Kathryn Stockett’s novel, The Help and, wow. It’s greatly affected my ability to get 8 full hours of sleep the past couple nights. Stupid book.

(What’re you reading?)

2. My triple chins say hello! From Big Omaha!
Hola!3. I almost left my beloved black blazer in my hotel room this morning. Correction, I DID leave my beloved black blazer in my hotel room this morning. And I drove away. And then I realized I forgot my beloved black blazer and pulled a u-turn and done gone and saved it.

Seriously, that thing. It’s from Banana Republic and I might not know how to dress for a professional occasion without it anymore. It heightens my geek outfits of t-shirts and jeans to t-shirts, jeans, and a blazer. It’s like icing on a pig.

Wait. Lipstick on a cake?

Whatever. I love it. It loves me. And I almost left it to die in downtown Omaha.

I hope it forgives me. Oh, which reminds me why I forgot it in the first place – it was hanging up in the closet, trying to dry out. Trying to dry out because I drenched it last night while running the 50 yards from my car to the hotel entrance.

During a thunderstorm.
Without an umbrella.
Carrying someone else’s luggage.

It’s a long story.

4. Grande non-fat no-whip mocha. I will take one.



5. Sorry about the long black blazer rant. I, umm…yeah.

6. We have fun news about our investment property, our first real forray into the real estate investment world – it’s official up for rent! Or, it will be sometime today. We have learned a ton the past week about property managers, prepping a property for rent, etc. Look for an update on all of the real estatey details soon.

Oh, and I would just like to announce that a husband and wife team can accomplish a surprising amount of business decisions and communication via text message, if they really want to.

Go us!


7. I’ve been learning more about Zaarly this week, and will get the chance to hear its founder speak this afternoon. A fascinating company from many standpoints – speed of launch, word of mouth, innovation, commerce, etc.

You familiar with Zaarly? If not, add it to your, something-I’ll-check-out-this-weekend list, yeah?

8. When my sister was born, I was almost two. I dropped Golden Books into her bassinet until she was practically buried in the things, much to the horror of our parents.

Baby want to read!

Years later, I graduated to stuffing her into the green, plastic, turtle sandbox and sitting on the lid.

9. Have I told you lately how awesome you are? Yup, it’s true.

I appreciate you stopping by this ‘lil site of mine. Thank you.


11. Also, happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.


12. 10 things? Sorry.

13. Smile! (It won’t kill you.)

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