This child

May 27, 2011

photo 22Ohh, this child.

Photo1She makes my ovaries hurt. Pang. Ping. Pang pang.

Whoops. That was them.

photo 32 “Hi, Auntie!” I mean, honestly, can we take note of those cheeks. Those cheeks could spark world peace.

This child also makes me laugh.

photo 4 I turn on the front-facing camera on my iPhone. She notices it.

photo 222 “My! Look at that, Auntie!”

photo 51 Then curiosity takes over. She must try and touch that darling punkin on the screen.

photo 122 “Not…sure…if I…can…”

photo 41 “Not…sure…if I…can…reach…it…”

photo 11 “Hey hey!”

photo 21 “I am SO CUTE!”

photo 31 “I’ve just gotta touch it one more time.”

Dearest Youngest Niece,

You are going to be end of me.

And my ovaries.

I love you bunches. And please, if you do nothing else, nothing else at all, put those darn cheeks to good use.

Hugs and kisses,
Auntie Annie

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