A basement list

May 25, 2011

1. Our home is an old, cute Tudor in the center of the city of Kansas City. Nooks and crannies, tons of character, oddly wonderful smells – we love it. We’ve also had to remodel every piece of it since we moved in over 4 years ago. But that’s another story for another time. A time when my post traumatic-remodel stress syndrome isn’t flaring up.

Our house is centrally located in town, which is ultra-convenient, and nestled amongst those charming little “city” nieghborhood shopping areas. The kind the contain the small, fancy grocery stores and privately owned coffee shops and the restaurants where you run into half your neighbors while grabbing a quick bite on a Wednesday night.

It’s Tudor style on the exterior, but has several Arts and Crafts influences on the inside. And it’s not unlike many other homes built during the 1930’s in that it’s set on a stone foundation. Stones that weep when it rains and keep you from ever finishing your dungeony basement. Stones that smell kinda musty but always keep cool. Stones that never, ever allow the laundry you’re trying to air dry to, well, dry.

2. This basement I speak of? I’m in it. Right now. As we speak. Err, type.

Basement hideout

I’m sitting in a camping chair and typing away on my new laptop stand – our large, red cooler. It’s emblazoned on the back with SORENSEN in magic marker and I’m pretty sure the dirt dried into the cup holders is leftover from the lake last summer.

Also, I have to pee, and I’m afraid to run upstairs to do it.

3. This Midwestern tornado business? I’m over it. May we please get back to our regularly scheduled programming?

4. The canine is huddled over there by the washing machine, pointed in my direction yet fearful of looking anywhere other than out the tiny window behind her.

Here, I’ll show you:
photo 1

5. I had to sling her over my shoulder and practically throw her down the stairs earlier. This dungeony basement? She’s not a fan. But she’s even less of a fan of thunder, so she weighed her options and let me carry her down when the sirens starting going off.

She had been outside in the rain a few minutes before, right before the storm really hit, so she was wet.

Wet dog with dark hair + white shirt = we need more lint rollers. My own shirt is making me sneeze.

6. Sneezing. Yeah. Not helping this having-to-pee problem.

7. Oh! Update! She’s now whimpering with her eyes closed.

photo 2

The whining is a lovely backdrop to the streaming weather updates I’m trying to listen to and the hail outside and the tornado sirens in the distance.

A regular bad weather chorus, we are.

8. Speaking of chorus, thank you all so much for your kind emails and texts and messages yesterday about my ‘lil library interview. They’re such a great organization and deserve the attention.

9. That had nothing to do with a chorus. But you knew that.

10. Could I use that drain over there? No no no. Too disgusting. Tooooo disgusting.


But…could I?

11. My feet are cold. Is that a spider?

12. Oh. Hi! You’re still here! Great. I’m currently reading Hugh MacLeod’s book Ignore Everybody. It’s lovely. Inspiring. Full of short, digestible chapters. Shall I post a review when I’m done?

What’re you reading?

13. I left my iPad upstairs. I hope she’s ok. Hang on, little lady! Hang on!

14. Achoo. Hehh achoo. HEHHH ACHOO.

15. Stupid shirt.

16. sniff sniffle So, what are you reading this week, my lovely readers? I’d really like to know what the two of you are up to. Wait, I’ve already asked you what you’re reading.

So, tell me what you’re working on then! I’m considering starting a new feature here on this ‘ole site on Fridays that will highlight someone doing something cool. A new business, a new site, a new book, a fun idea, a cool project. Whatever.

I keep running into awesome people doing awesome things that deserve to be shared. I’ll feature one each week, maybe. And I’ll call it Feature Friday. Because I’m creative like that.

Thoughts? Good idea/bad idea? Would that interest you? To hear about cool business things, book things, people things, all sorts of things?

Let me know what you think. If you like the idea, feel free to send in recommendations.

17. I think I just might die right here in this basement. I’m not using that drain. Nope nope no I’m not. It’s been nice knowin’ ya! Bye bye forever.

18. At least it’s quiet down here. Kind of relaxing. Maybe I’ll put my feet up on this box over here and close my eyes and…

19. Wait a second.


It’s quiet?

Canine? Hello?
Rai? Lighten? Thun? Torna? Sire? Wha?

21. It’s over?! Wohoooooo!

22. That bye bye forever stuff? I didn’t mean it, kids. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.

At least, not today you’re not. :)

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