An enterprising reader? I’ll take it

May 24, 2011

I’m feeling grateful today. And lucky. And geeky.

Wait, I’m always feeling geeky. So I guess that’s nothing new?

Nope. Not new. Crap.

So, I’m feeling grateful, because I didn’t apply to get noticed.

“The H&R Block Business and Career Center was designed, in part, to help people get their own businesses up and running. Now, one local entrepreneur has crossed to the other side of the help desk, where, as a Library volunteer, she works with customers not unlike herself.”

I applied because I wanted to give back a little.

“Self-education – mainly through reading – has always been Sorensen’s driving force.”

Because I felt like I was all take take take.

“Her love of books made the Kansas City Public Library a natural fit when she was looking for opportunities to give back to the community.”

I applied because I’m a book geek. To the most outraaageous degree.

“When people come into the Center, they’re working on something – whether it’s finding a job or career, or researching a business opportunity or business plan,” Sorensen says. “Everyone who comes in is always working on something, going somewhere.”

I didn’t apply to get noticed.

And when it comes to finding help for fellow entrepreneurs, she could hardly be in a better place.

But it sure felt nice when I did.

Thanks, my lovely library. You look like a beautiful, old museum and you smell like dusty books. And you made my day.

I kind of like you. I kind of like you a lot.


KC Unbound Blog: Volunteer Profile: An Enterprising Reader
by Jason Harper
May 24, 2011


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