Friday night fireworks

June 27, 2011

photo 5

Right up there with coffee and wine, books and hats, canines and movies and Minnesota lake country, my list of loves also includes fireworks. I’m not really sure why I love fireworks so much. They’re loud, pretty, and typically associated with some kind of special event or holiday. But I think I also enjoy them […]


One of those days

June 22, 2011

photo 5

Hands down, one of my favorite things about working for myself is the flexibility. To be able to work when you want, on what you want, is a beautiful thing. It’s energizing and good-scary and sometimes makes you want to pinch yourself just to ensure that you’re not actually dreaming the seemingly unlimited freedoms that […]

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What? It’s the truth!

June 16, 2011


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A canine afternoon list

June 14, 2011

photo 1

1. This is my kitchen, as of 2 minutes ago. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hide in that corner over there. Don’t let anyone tell you that Type A’s can’t get messy once in a while. Anyone anyone anyone. – 2. Hubz just called: Him: Hey. Me: Hey! Him: Whatcha […]

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June 13, 2011


My little sister, Jill, my only sibling, and I have always been close. We’re not the kind of close that talks every day, or even every week. We’re the kind of close that allows us to jump right back into things immediately upon seeing each other, even if a long month or two has passed. […]



Hi, you. Have a good weekend? I flew in last night after my weekend in Portland, and am floating around today in recovery mode. I have all sorts of things to share with you. Everything from people watching on the plane and how an old lady kept calling me “little girl” to poems about my […]


Cuteness overload

May 31, 2011

You guys, I can’t handle it. A few minutes ago, cuteness exploded onto my television. And then, after a quick query, it infected my computer. And I’m not sure I can handle it. So I’m passing it along to you. Also: I dare you – double, triple, super dog DARE you – not to smile. […]


Long weekends at home

May 30, 2011

Long weekends at home are for relaxing. And sighing. Heh huuhhhhhhhhh. Long weekends at home are for heading downtown to meet friends, parking, meeting up, and THEN deciding what to do and where to go. And then deciding to get sushi. And then realizing that the place you chose has an all-night happy hour. Mmm. […]

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