Cake and coffee shops and book stores, oh my!

July 17, 2012

For the majority of this year (so far), even before Babygirl was born, I’ve been feeling stuck in a creativity rut. Not in the negative sense, but in regards to routines.

You know how it seems like you’re always doing the same things and eating at the same places and seeing the same stuff? Yeah. That.

Addy is two months old now and although she is sparking tons of passion and emotions, I’m still itching for something. I need new experiences and new scenery, perhaps. New knowledge. I want to soak up the inspiration, ignite creativity.

I decided last weekend to create a mini life list to close out the summer. Here it is:

Annie’s Summer “Inspire Me” list

1) Try 5 new (to me) coffee shops

2) Visit 3 new (to me) book stores

3) Take a class

4) Teach myself how to knit

5) Bake a cake from scratch

That’s it. The items on this list aren’t crazy! They’re just fun. And new.

I’m giving myself a deadline, not because it’s a race or a task I have to accomplish, but to force myself to make these things happen. To push the boundaries a bit. Yeah, I have a two month-old daughter and am still very much adjusting to motherhood and figuring out how my life Before all fits in, but why should that stop me? Whether I make the deadline or not, simply defining it will give me the nudge I need.

Deadline: August 31st.

That’s forty-five days from today. This is gonna be fun.

You wanna play this game with me? Share your mini list below and we can cheer each other on.

We can do it!

In need of inspiration? Take a peek at my full Life List and be inspired by its silliness.

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