My Life List has a new home

July 20, 2011

Oh, well hello there! How are you?

You’re good? Great.
You’re hot? Yeah, I know. I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m kind of excited this afternoon. Well, and kinda nervous. I’m excitedly nervous. Or nervously excited.

I’ll stop now.

I’ve just created a permanent home for my oddball, selfish, embarrassing, little life list. Yay! See also: Yikes!

I wrote a blog post about my life list back in, umm, back in…crap, lemme look it up…oh here it is, back in October 2009.

(Wha? October 2009? Seriously?! The fact that I have been posting here on since, well, before October 2009 is astonishing. Where does the time go?)

Ok! The list! Instead of hiding out forever in a fifty-five year-old blog post, it now lives, here:

Annie’s Life List

So neat and tidy, huh? There is now a permanent link on my About page to this list, too, so anytime you need a good laugh or someone to poke fun of, it’s there for you.

By the way, as I mention on its main page, I publicize this list in the hopes that somehow, in some way, it will inspire someone.

Maybe you know that someone?
Maybe, perhaps, possibly that someone? Could be? You?

If me admitting to my list of dreams and silly aspirations encourages just one person to create a list of their own, or to live their life with a smidgen more joy or laughter or curiosity, then I think it’s worth it.

I hope you think so too.

Annie’s Life List

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