For the past few weeks my local newspaper, the Kansas City Star, has been requesting readers to send in their autobiographies. But they didn’t want full-length novels. They wanted an autobiography of our lives using just six words. I thought this was fascinating and went to work thinking about what mine would be. A few […]



Story time… This is my badge from, let’s call it, The Corp. The photo it displays was taken July 21st, 2003, during the first hour of my first day in the corporate world. I don’t really even recognize this person anymore. The face from six and a half years ago is one of a naive, […]


When I grow up…

January 4, 2010


…I want to be like Chris Brogan, because he creates quality content regularly and consistently, and never complains about it. …I want to be like Jillian Michaels, because she has been nothing but true to herself and now inspires millions. …I want to be like Gary Vaynerchuk, because he cares. Period. …I want to be […]


On making mistakes

November 24, 2009


I’ve been thinking today about being the best person you know how to be. And, that? If it’s the best you can do then it’s the only thing you can do. In life, in business, there’s no other way to do it, which means that everyone – everyone – is going to make mistakes. It’s […]


What do you decide?

October 14, 2009

So. I have a bone to pick with, just…people. Ahem. Attention! People of the World! Why oh why, may I ask, do you keep throwing excuses out into the universe for why you can not and will not find success? For why you can’t achieve your goals? Why do you do this? Why do you […]



For the past several months I’ve been following one of my favorite bloggers, Maggie Mason of MightyGirl, as she detailed out the results of an amazing opportunity she received from Intel to fulfill 10 items from her LifeList on someone else’s dime. Maggie is an accomplished author and blogger, in addition to an inspiring, creative, […]



Last weekend my husband and I spent a few days in Nashville, TN with a couple friends of ours. A just-for-fun trip. In addition to the, err, beverage drinking and honky-tonk visiting, we spent a portion of one of our days visiting Carnton plantation, an old farm outside of Nashville in a town called Franklin. […]


Time for another round-up of a few of my favorite quotes and motivational tidbits from the past few weeks. My thoughts lately seem to be all over the place – not a bad reflection of my schedule so far this month! Here goes: It’s the little things that make all the difference. What “one more” […]

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