What do you decide?

October 14, 2009

So. I have a bone to pick with, just…people.


Attention! People of the World! Why oh why, may I ask, do you keep throwing excuses out into the universe for why you can not and will not find success? For why you can’t achieve your goals? Why do you do this? Why do you feel inclined to inform me, or anyone else, of these excuses?


I mean, I do care. Of course. I care in some way, shape, or form for everyone I get to know. But in a I’m-just-fine-to-spend-my-precious-time-with-someone-else-who-actually-believes-in-themselves way, I don’t care to hear or be around anyone who constantly feels the need to share excuses with others as to why they aren’t the huge success they wished they were. Because you know what? I’m smart enough to realize that you aren’t using those excuses to convince others. You’re just using them to convince yourself. And I don’t need to be around to help you do that.

So the next time I hear someone reason away their dreams, their goals, their biggest aspirations in life, I will politely turn and walk away, wishing them the best, and wondering with fascination and concern if they will ever realize that, the key to their elusive success? It’s as simple as switching their focus from the reasons why they can’t find it to the reasons why they can.


If you decide to.

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