Wow, there were so many fantastic responses to my post last week on the importance of your Why in accomplishing, well…anything. Thank you for sharing what drives you! Thanks, specifically, to John T. Meyer for sharing his thoughts and the link to this TED video from Simon Sinek: I recorded my thoughts on your Why, […]

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Who said?

August 26, 2010

out-standing, by GPC on Flickr

A post inspired by a looong drive across the Midwest recently, and it’s all about…Average. Why is Average something that people are ok with? Or, stated a bit clearer – why is Average something that people think they HAVE to be ok with? Let’s try this: You – yes, you – don’t have to be […]


Own Your Personal Story

August 16, 2010

Road in the Mojave Desert by stevecadman, on Flickr

I was running down the road today and got to thinking about owning your personal story. (Yeah, don’t ask. I daydream while I run, don’t you?) Your story is your story. Embrace it, appreciate it, love it, own it. So many folks are ashamed of where they came from, of the mistakes they might have […]


There’s nothing better than late-night, sunken-eyed, bursts of clarity. I was struck the other evening with how many people are paralyzed by fear. So much so that they end of doing nothing. They end up NEVER doing ANYTHING. You’re too good for that. Here’s why (if you cannot see the video below, you can watch […]


St Louis Gateway Arch - Annie Sorensen

During a brief stint in St Louis last weekend I snuck in a couple hours to visit the famous St Louis Gateway Arch, something I had embarassingly not yet done in my 7+ years as a Missouri resident. While at the arch I ran into an interesting journal entry from Meriwether Lewis. Anything Lewis & […]


Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Phew, has the buzz about this book been a bit crazy or what!? I’m not sure if it’s author Tony Hsieh’s frequent and awe-inspiring talks that are catching everyone’s attention or the fact that shopping on is just plain fun. Either way, I enjoyed the book that shares the story of how the two […]


Yup, it’s a bold statement. Just watch it. Powerful, eh? Immediate reactions?


The Power of Time Freedom

March 22, 2010

Bourbon Street, intersection with Canal Street, New Orleans

Note: Originally written Saturday, March 20th. I was burning holes in my esophagus, tasting hot sauces in my husband’s honor at a cute little shop that sold nothing but the spicy stuff. And that’s when it hit me – this is exactly what I’ve always wanted. Ok ok, not the hot sauces specifically, as frankly […]