On history lessons and giving it a try

June 24, 2010

St Louis Gateway Arch - Annie Sorensen During a brief stint in St Louis last weekend I snuck in a couple hours to visit the famous St Louis Gateway Arch, something I had embarassingly not yet done in my 7+ years as a Missouri resident. While at the arch I ran into an interesting journal entry from Meriwether Lewis. Anything Lewis & Clark always catches my eye as they’re such historical figures in Kansas City. (They traversed the Missouri River for their famous travels, the waterway that cuts through the entire metro area.)

I snapped a photo of the entry, however, not because of its historical importance but because of it’s application to our businesses today.

Stick with me here. This wraps up all neat and tidy-like, PROMISE.

April 7 1805

Having on this day at 4 P.M. completed every arrangement necessary for our departure, we dismissed the barge and crew with orders to return without loss of time to S. Louis…[with] our dispatches to the government, letters to our private friends, and a number of articles to the President of the United States…we were now about to penetrate a country at least two thousand miles in width, on which the foot of civillized man had never trodden; the good or evil it had in store for us was for experiment yet to determine, and these little vessells contained every article by which we were to expect to subsist or defend ourselves.

Meriwether Lewis

Meriwether Lewis journal entry - Annie Sorensen

So, what do you think, could we sum this up by saying that nothing of great importance is ever achieved unless a risk is taken?

Or perhaps we could say that history’s greatest accomplishments are typically the result of someone willing to do what no one else has ever been willing to do?

Or how about something like you never know unless you try?

Do you think you can you make that first phone call? Or finally put pen to paper to record those goals? Or read that first, positive book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for three years?

Can you finally launch that blog you’ve been intending to get off the ground for months? Or upload and share that first photo? Or record that first podcast?

Can you finally talk to that banker to discuss your idea? Or your lawyer? Or CPA? Spouse? DOG?!

I bet you can. And you know what? Even if you can’t, you won’t know unless you try.
St Louis Gateway Arch park - Annie Sorensen “The good or evil it had in store for us was for experiment yet to determine.” – Meriwether Lewis

I want to take a pen to this and add, “…but we don’t give a sh*t. We’re giving it a try anyway.”

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