Coming to you from Las Vegas this week! AMAZINGNESS all around with 6500 inspiring, forward-thinking, energetic, positive people at the annual Vemma convention. It is, in a word, phenomenal. And it’s not even over yet! Much more to come as the weekend unfolds. I recorded this video almost three years ago, but it’s still just […]

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I’ve been kind of short on words lately. I’m in a writing rut, I guess. Anyway, I was reading through a few older pins on my Pinterest boards the other day and was grateful for this reminder about networking, so I thought I’d share it. “Someone you haven’t even met yet is wondering what it’d […]

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Earlier this week I grabbed one of my old journals and started flipping through it. They were entries from a year ago, and besides reading a ton of unecessary and ridiculous complaints about the size of my 7 month-pregnant belly and swollen tree trunk ankles, I ran into these two quotes I had recorded: “In […]


Earlier this week, after dinner, I cracked open a beer and started thinking backwards… It was a weekday afternoon in early 2010. I think it was February. Actually, I know it was February, because it was just a week before our family trip to Hawaii. I felt like writing something, something different for someone other […]


I spent several hours this morning catching my breath after returning from our nine days in beautiful Minnesota lake country. I caught up on the emails, blog posts, and voicemails that I wasn’t able to quickly filter via my phone while I was away from home. In doing so, I ended up making a massive […]


I was sitting in the salon chatting with my hair stylist the other day, and we got to talking about business and learning and self-education. Without really thinking about it, I quickly mentioned several books that I assumed everyone was familiar with – the most important of which was Rich Dad Poor Dad. She had […]


Poor blog comments. They’re old school, unsexy, and rarely discussed. But do you realize how powerful they are? Thoughts? Is regularly commenting on blogs an important piece of your social media day? If it’s not, should it be?


Spending a weekend connecting, talking business, and taking intentional action with like-minded friends drums up a lot of powerful thoughts. Here’s one: Look around at your friends, at the folks you spend most of your precious time with – are they bringing you up, or are they bringing you down?