The platforms of my life

June 27, 2012

I ran into a quote from Chris Brogan today, written in one of his most recent email newsletters, that said: “Platform is the opportunity to voice your views or inspire an action.” He was mainly referring to the platforms, mostly online, that we, as a brand or business, take advantage of. His list included Twitter […]

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14 weeks down, 26 to go

October 28, 2011

Dear Internet, Guess what? No, you have to guuuueeeesss. Nope, it’s not that. Nope, not that either. Nuh uh, wrong again. You ready? Ok, fine. Here it is: there’s a Lil Sorensen on the way. [gasp!] I know, right! Bat down the hatches and alert the coast guard. Come next spring, it’s about to get […]


Cha Cha Cha Changes

May 2, 2011

New flash: I <3 hoodies

Things are a’ changin, my friends. I’m going to start taking a different approach with my posts here on [], and I wanted to sit down for a minute to explain a few things. I love to write, and I love topics like personal development and entrepreneurialism, so when I started this blog I put […]


The goofy one

April 28, 2011

I caught a goodun

This? This is my husband. I sure can pick ’em! This shot sums him up quite nicely, actually. He’s up at the crack of dawn – a misty, overcast dawn – doing something outdoors. Usually something related to shooting or catching a helpless animal, swinging a club, or beating his heels against the pavement for […]


Annie Sorensen - 30 Things You Didn't Know About Me

A couple years ago I filled one of these things out on Facebook and, much to my dismay surprise, it was kind of fun. I thought I didn’t enjoy them, yet I smile every time I read one from someone else, so I guess I do like them? Ugh. Anyway, here’s an unsolicited list of […]


How to Get the Most

I was reviewing the list of books I’ve read (so far) in 2010 this morning, and it got me thinking about usefulness. As most of you know, I read quite a bit. I don’t read every day, and when I do read I don’t sit for hours on end. I read most days in one […]