Annie Hawkeye sweatshirt and sunglasses

And to add to that, is it fall yet? Are the leaves turning beautiful shades of orange and yellow and red yet? Are the mornings cool and crisp yet? Can I spend a lazy Saturday reading and tidying and writing with games on all day in the background, yet? I’m excited. Yup. Definitely excited.

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On July 15th, 2010 I wrote a one-line entry in my journal. I wrote it at the top of a fresh page, and never wrote anything else below it. I have melanoma. A week later, I had outpatient surgery to remove a sizable chunk of skin from my stomach. I was a lucky one. It […]


This is who she is

July 27, 2011

photo 5

This dog reminds me of her. Stubborn. Smart. Full of attitude. And the highlight of your day: This is her, and what happens when Mama keeps forgetting to close the door to the pantry: I didn’t need that baking powder anyway. This is what she does 55 times a day when she walks into my […]

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2010-01-21 20.54.25

A Love Letter to my Former Employer Ah ah ahem. AHEM. – Dear Former Employer, You stuck me in this thing for six and a half years: For that, I will never be the same. I learned in that cloth-lined fortress. I learned so much. I learned that, in business, you can’t always be all […]



Friday, 7/1/11, 11am? Living It Balcony vantage point The best views Without warning, the sky opens Clear one minute, downpour the next Everyone winces Bearing it An imaginary timer Ten seconds Fifteen They all scramble, giving up to it His arm around hers, under a palm Groundskeeper, texting, huddled under the thatched-roof Bags and belongings […]

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It was ok. I guess.


Why were we so scared?

June 29, 2011


a) Because it was 4th of July weekend, three years ago, and we were worried we would miss the fireworks. Correction: I was worried I would miss the fireworks. – b) Because a giant, glowing hand was attacking us. – c) Because it was hot and melting in the heat wasn’t in our plans that […]

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June 28, 2011

photo 1

Juta is a plush toy kind of gal. It’s either a rawhide that she can chew and eat, or stuffed, cartoony looking animals. She won’t touch anything else. She’ll cherish any new plush that comes into the house. Walking up and wagging at it when she thinks we aren’t looking, gently carrying it around, drooling […]

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