A canine afternoon list

June 14, 2011

photo 11. This is my kitchen, as of 2 minutes ago. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hide in that corner over there.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Type A’s can’t get messy once in a while.
Anyone anyone anyone.

2. Hubz just called:

Him: Hey.
Me: Hey!
Him: Whatcha doin?
Me: Just writing a bit. What should I write about?
Him: Me!
Me: You?
Him: Me!
Me: Oh geez. What about you?
Him: Umm, ummm, about how I got new running shoes!
Me: Seriously?
Him: Seriously. They’re snaaaazzy.

3. The canine just walked into the office.

photo 2Half-open eyes. Not looking directly at me.
I don’t think she’s too jazzed about this list.

4. Her name is Juta. Have we talked about this?

Yup. Juta. Spelled JAY-YOU-TEE-AY. Pronounced YOU-tuh.

It’s a German name, or so we’ve been told. She’s a German short-haired pointer, and when the breeder called a few years ago to say that the puppies were ready, and that he had reserved us a female like we requested, he told Hubz the name that would be on her paperwork. This litter was given the letter J, so all the pups were assigned German names starting with J.

The name listed on her paperwork didn’t really matter, we could have called her whatever we wanted. In fact, we had a name picked out for her already. But the guy said Juta and…and…and we just kinda liked it.

It was clearly a female name, yet hard enough, so to speak, that Hubz could yell it clearly and without embarassment in the middle of a cornfield.

GSP’s are bird-dogs, and hunting is one of Hubz’ biggest winter hobbies.

The only problem with her name, however, is that no one can spell it when they hear it pronounced. Or pronounce it when they see it spelled.

Lesson learned. You will see no future children of ours with names like Maedylyn or Kristofer.

Maybe we’ll name our next dog Fred or Sue or George. Or maybe we’ll just name the next one what we almost always end up yelling at this one…DAMNIT.

5. Hmmph.
photo 4She gave up on this list.

6. Speaking of giving up, I’m trying to drink a cup of coffee that I warmed up from the pot I made this morning. It’s, it’s, it’s…gross.

7. I would normally be drinking a Verve instead, this time in the afternoon. But we’re out.


I’m starting to get the shakes.

8. I’m thinking I need to go tackle those dishes.

I really don’t want to go tackle those dishes.

Please don’t make me go tackle those dishes?

9. I read The Blind Side by Michael Lewis last weekend. It was pretty good, and very interesting, but not at all what I expected.

I love it when books do that. Surprise you.

(Get it? Tackling the dishes, reading a book about football? Tackling? Football?)

(I am the queen of transitions!)


10. Oh! New development in the day of Miss Juta:

photo 2Seriously, ladies. Don’t let anyone tell you that an ear or two out of place should keep you from staring down those birdies in your backyard. Anyone anyone anyone.

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