An update and a thank you note

June 7, 2011

photo-17Hi, you. Have a good weekend?

I flew in last night after my weekend in Portland, and am floating around today in recovery mode.

I have all sorts of things to share with you. Everything from people watching on the plane and how an old lady kept calling me “little girl” to poems about my coffee cup and observations from the fantasyland that is Powell’s City of Books in downtown Portland. There were boutique hotels and giant parades and good friends, food carts and self-serve yogurt and donuts.

And then there’s the reason I scheduled the trip in the first place – the World Domination Summit. I could write a thousand words on the name, let alone the people I met and the tidbits I learned and the shifts I made in my thinking. More accurately, the shifts I made in my work – what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and what it all means to me.

I have a lot to think about, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Before I do, however, I wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks. Not for anything in particular. Just, thanks. Thank you for spending a few seconds of your precious time with me. Thank you for being you.

It means so much.


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