From the Notebook: Living It

July 11, 2011

IMG_2552 Friday, 7/1/11, 11am?
Living It

Balcony vantage point
The best views

Without warning, the sky opens
Clear one minute, downpour the next

Everyone winces
Bearing it

An imaginary timer
Ten seconds

They all scramble, giving up to it
His arm around hers, under a palm
Groundskeeper, texting, huddled under the thatched-roof
Bags and belongings tossed under chairs

One, she stands
Near the surf, she walks towards it
It hits her feet
She turns, back to the water

Hands, arms stretch wide
Eyes close, head tips up

Middle-aged, no modesty

They all scramble
She stays

Living it

Balcony vantage point
The best views

Can’t help but watch

And smile

And live it with her

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