Why were we so scared?

June 29, 2011


a) Because it was 4th of July weekend, three years ago, and we were worried we would miss the fireworks.

Correction: I was worried I would miss the fireworks.

b) Because a giant, glowing hand was attacking us.

c) Because it was hot and melting in the heat wasn’t in our plans that evening.

d) Because the print on my dress was, was, was…frightening.

e) Because our limbs had suddenly grown.

It was concerning.

f) Because someone announced that the world was out of coffee beans.

g) Because Hubz was wearing a lavender tie.

h) Because Hubz was wearing pinstripes.

i) Because Hubz’s wife fiance was wearing a dress. A dress!

He was in shock.

j) Because we had recently gotten engaged and…do you know how much florist’s cost?!

k) Because it was dark and we couldn’t find our way home.

l) Because I ate the last of the cucumber salad the night before.

I’m always eating the last of the cucumber salad.

Why can’t I ever remember to ask him if he wants any before taking the last bite?

Oh well, I have other good qualities.

m) Because I had just ran out of books to read.

n) Because we were fighting.
o) Because we weren’t fighting.
p) Because we loved each other so, so much.

q) We weren’t scared.

We were 8000 feet above sea level and just had a little too much wine.


I’m off the grid for a few days, ya’ll. Have a fabulous holiday weekend! See you in a week.

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