This is who she is

July 27, 2011

This dog reminds me of her. Stubborn. Smart. Full of attitude. And the highlight of your day:

This is her, and what happens when Mama keeps forgetting to close the door to the pantry:

photo 5

I didn’t need that baking powder anyway.

This is what she does 55 times a day when she walks into my office:

photo 4

It’s a good thing I have a body guard to watch that back yard for me while I work. It’s the size of a postage stamp and full of squirrels and robins and chipmunks. It’s, in other words, SCARY.

This is what she looks like in the tub. Sad and sudsy and pathetic:

photo 51

Those ears! I could get drunk on those ears.

This is how she sleeps:

photo 11

This is also how she sleeps:

photo 1

This, too:

photo 2

Seriously, it’s all legs and paws on this thing. Her legs are fifteen feet long, her paws are two feet wide, and they’re always all in a jumble. How she continues to untangle them every day when she gets up from that chair, I have no idea.

It gets dangerous around here, as she uses those legs like baseball bats. You know how cats use their legs and paws to swat at things? Toys, faces, the last bit of your sandwich? Well, picture that, but with fifteen feet of leg and two feet of paw attached to a fifty pound ball of muscle.

That’s her. Miss Juta. I’ve never in my life seen a dog that uses her legs more like a cat than she does. She has four sturdy baseball bats and she’s not afraid to use ’em.

Please pray for the safety of our currently-scratch-free faces. And our sandwiches.

This is what my kitchen floor looks like after taking a walk around the block in the 95 degree heat:

photo 3


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