Plane taking off

Want your business to grow? Want your LIFE to grow? Try these: 1. Burn the boats. If you land on an island and command your squad to start fighting the natives, what’s the surest way to gaurantee that you win? Burn the boats. Put yourself into a situation where there’s no turning back. That way […]


Monday morning reflections

February 13, 2012

My two year anniversary of leaving my corporate job and jumping into a world of time freedom and self-employment was a few weeks ago, and I’ve found myself reflecting quite a bit since then on how my life has changed. Two years. Has it really been that long? Two years. Hasn’t it been more like […]


Planning Your No-Plan Time

November 28, 2011

It’s kind of cheating to create a blog post entirely out of someone else’s writing, but this one was too good to keep to myself. Jonathan Fields, author, wellness entrepreneur, and speaker on such things as book marketing, embracing creativity, and easing fear and uncertainty in business, posted the excerpt below on his site at […]


Think Different

October 7, 2011

Go ahead. Be weird. — [If you can’t see the video, click here.]

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Thinking Bigger Than Big

August 22, 2011

One of the messages most often heard in personal development is the classic, Think bigger! Don’t limit yourself to this, think bigger! Expand your vision for what’s possible, think bigger! Think bigger think bigger think bigger! But thinking bigger relies on something; it relies on the fact that you’re not going to change, you’re just […]

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Be like this fish

August 2, 2011

ambitious fish

Ambitious. Big-thinking. Confident. GUTSY! Because why limit yourself to only going after the tiny bait, when you have a chance at nabbing the big one? The bigger bait is meant for the bigger fish, but that doesn’t mean hardworking, ambitious littler fish can’t take a jab at it. You deserve to go after it. You […]

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A heck of a lot closer

July 27, 2011

I was just catching up with one of my favorite bloggers, well, I guess I’d call her a “life” blogger, The Pioneer Woman. I was reading a post where she was discussing her food photography. I don’t particularly care about food photography, but the last two lines of the post were golden. The quote immediately […]


I was washing a few dishes the other night when, out of the blue, that “Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder” song popped into my head. Or the “I Hope You Dance” song, whatever you want to call it. Know which one I’m talking about? I wish I knew why certain songs chose certain moments […]

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