Thinking Bigger Than Big

August 22, 2011

One of the messages most often heard in personal development is the classic, Think bigger!

Don’t limit yourself to this, think bigger!
Expand your vision for what’s possible, think bigger!
Think bigger think bigger think bigger!

But thinking bigger relies on something; it relies on the fact that you’re not going to change, you’re just going to be bigger. You’re not going to change directions, you’re just going to go faster and stronger in the current direction. Does that make sense?

So the question I want to ask is, when do we need to think beyond big? Should we be thinking beyond big more often?

Like, instead of thinking about budgeting our money to pay off debt, should we be thinking about generating additional streams of income? About building a business part-time? About creating residual income that has legacy potential?

Instead of thinking about cutting out some of our responsibilities to decrease stress, how about considering hiring an assistant or an intern or getting dedicated office space or launching a systemized business?

Instead of thinking about moving to a nicer neighborhood but one still nearby your location of work, what if you determined where to live pretending that work wasn’t an object? Would you want to live in that suburb? What about a farm in the country? Or a downtown condo? Or Paris, France?

Instead of thinking about writing more in your journal, how about contemplating free-lance writing and guest blogging and magazine publications? What about publishing?

When is thinking bigger not big enough?

Let’s challenge ourselves next time to not only step outside of the box but to step away from the box completely. To remove our blinders that we put in place because we’re moving in a certain direction. To open up our peripheral vision. Because if we did that, what could we come up with? What possibilities could emerge?

We might open up the a whole new way of thinking that’s not limited by what we already know.

You know?

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