Monday morning reflections

February 13, 2012

My two year anniversary of leaving my corporate job and jumping into a world of time freedom and self-employment was a few weeks ago, and I’ve found myself reflecting quite a bit since then on how my life has changed.

Two years. Has it really been that long?
Two years. Hasn’t it been more like ten?

It’s interesting what working for yourself can teach you. Interesting and fascinating and freaky and fun, all at the same time.

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but whenever I reflect on how working for myself has changed me, the answer that continually comes to mind is the act of reflection itself. I’m better at reflecting on my life and myself because of my experiences the past two years.

I’m quieter, literally and mentally.

My eyes spend more time open, really, really open, to what’s going on around me. To the feelings of those I’m currently sharing the room with to the actions of those I’m communicating with around the world.

I’m more thoughtful; have more patience.

I have a calm about myself that I didn’t know I could possess before.

There’s something about waking up in the morning and defining your day just about 100% in your own way that changes you. Reflection is a natural part of this way of life. It becomes more apparent what you are thinking, how you are feeling, what you are missing. But the part that changed isn’t that you suddenly start thinking or feeling or missing.

Being able to pay attention to all of that is what changes.

When things are up to me, that me is the one who has decide. In order for me to decide, me has to know what me is thinking. How? Reflection.

How am I feeling right now?
What am I thinking right now?
How’s my motivation level this time of day?
Do I actually like this sandwich I’m eating?
Who makes me happiest to work with? Who doesn’t? And where does that work best get done?
How does this action affect my goal?
How would this make that person feel?
Is this a priority? Is this really necessary to get done right now?
What will accomplishing this do for my businesses? My relationships? My happiness?
What’s more important, finishing this email or sitting down on the couch with my husband who just asked me to join him?

Eyes wide open. Quietness. Reflection.


I’m not sure I had the ability to place a finger on any of this two years ago. I was definitely more quick to judge, to react. I had less patience. I was louder, in the mind-mess sense of the word.

(Well hello, Monday morning, you’re getting a little deep on us today!)

I think I like it, though; all of this reflection. And I know I’m grateful for it. And I also know that all of it is true; it’s all part of this shocking and awe-inspiring journey I have been traveling the past two years.

One I continually hope I can help you travel, too.

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