I know I know, you have all seen this video a bajillion times… …or have you? I was having a conversation during a networking lunch today about social media that got me thinking. It’s widely known that your lifestyle closely mirrors that of your closest peers. This typically applies to the amount of money you […]


Part 2 of the Twitter WIN series, an awesome example of someone “big” reaching down to someone “little” and connecting, providing an opportunity that, without Twitter, would have never been possible. Ok, that was the fancy description. The real one? I replied to one of SUCCESS magazine editor Darren Hardy’s tweets and was published in […]


A really cool thing happened to me a few weeks ago that represents the core purpose of what Twitter, and really networking online of any kind, is all about. Here’s why: You can find Inbound Marketing here. What Twitter Wins have you experienced? Share.


Is it worth it to write down your goals? I think it is and here’s why. P.S. The blog post I reference in the video can be found here. P.P.S Don’t forget that we’re going through a site re-design! Thanks for being patient with us, even though we look a little wonky.


A quick update from BlogWorld, day 2, about a super-exciting gentleman I had the honor of meeting today, couldn’t wait to share it with you: The point of all of this? Go check out JB. His site is awesome, his podcasts are awesome, and he is one amazing guy. His passion for personal development, for […]


What are YOU reading?

October 15, 2009

Let’s discuss! Here’s the stack of books I purchased the other day and why I’m excited about each one (err, almost each one). Ok, I’ve shared. Now it’s your turn. If you regularly read books, what’s on YOUR to-read list? What are you reading right now? What are you excited about? If you don’t regularly […]


Personal development beginner?

September 17, 2009

Look at me go! Finally putting the Flip to good use! I received a good question today about personal development, thought you would all enjoy the answer.



From Success Magazine online, a tribute to an extraordinary motivator which, in turn, is an incredibly motivating video itself. Can you imagine creating a footprint on the world like the one Jim has developed throughout his life? And all of the comments at the end of the video?! My goodness. People LOVE this man. All […]

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