Dear Babygirl, We were doing so well. There had been a slight swelling the past month or so, but nothing major. It was manageable. I was still frequently reaching for my high heels and had no problem walking around in public wearing capris or even – gasp! – a dress. It’s been a warm spring, […]

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Dear Babygirl, I hope you have your Daddy’s eyes. They’re a more striking shade of blue than mine, prettier when up against a green shirt. Speaking of green, you have one green dress in your closet. Just one. All of the rest, I’m sorry to say, are pink. Every shade of pink is represented in […]


Old Capitol

I have a very distinct memory of a random Wednesday during my senior year in college. I had received my job offer for the snazzy cubicle in Kansas City back in November, so the spring semester was an enjoyable, stress-free final four months of college for me. I had the job. I had the plans. […]

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I’m pretty sure I posted this on Facebook a few months ago, but I ran into it again today and, honestly, it’s just so darn entertaining. So, because it’s a random Tuesday in March and because you deserve a giggle, you need to spend two and a half minutes and eat this up: Why don’t […]

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Congratulations Mollie Jorgensen and Roog! I randomly selected a couple commenters and you two won the prize: a book of your choice from There are many, choose wisely. Winners email me at annie AT anniesorensen DOT com to claim your prizes! Thanks for all of the wonderful responses, everyone. — Today… …because I finished […]


In the summer of 2009, Hubz and I leapt into a huge remodel of our home. We weren’t strangers to updating things; in years prior we had removed wallpaper from every wall in the house, painted everything, replaced all light fixtures, refinished all the floors, refaced the fireplace, refinished the bannister, updated every light switch […]

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