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February 15, 2012

In the summer of 2009, Hubz and I leapt into a huge remodel of our home. We weren’t strangers to updating things; in years prior we had removed wallpaper from every wall in the house, painted everything, replaced all light fixtures, refinished all the floors, refaced the fireplace, refinished the bannister, updated every light switch and electrical socket…I’ll spare you the full list. But this remodel, the one we knew the moment we offered to initially purchase this house that would someday have to happen, was gonna be a doozy. It would involve knocking down walls, moving plumbing, and most importantly, taking one whole bathroom and our entire kitchen out of commission. Considering the enormity of the project, we kicked things off without too much concern or worry. And then, three months later, we emerged dizzy, disoriented, and with dust permanently greying the few hairs we still had left on top of our dazed little heads.

That remodel should have required a bit more thought. A couple more “Are we really ready for this?” type of conversations before taking the plunge. To this day, we both contain only fuzzy memories of that time.

Post Traumatic-Remodel Stress Disorder; it should exist, don’t you think?

For months now I have wanted to remodel things around here, on AnnieSorensen.com, but have been absolutely dreading the task. Would it mess everything up? Would it take up all sorts of time? Would you, my five lovely readers, be annoyed and frustrated? Would I be left to fend for myself learning how to develop some aspect of website-speak that I didn’t care to learn? Would it interrupt my daily coffee-chugging time?

Ok, so it’s decaf coffee these days. But still.

Home remodel, minimal consideration, monumental headache.
Website remodel, major consideration, no headache at all!

Find a competent, kind, honest, and responsive developer, folks. That’s all I’m going to say.

So here we are! On the other side! I hope you like the new and improved digs. The major changes are complete, but I will be tweaking little things here and there in the coming days, so keep checking back in with us. The point of moving things around was to be able to provide you with the easiest way to read and learn and enjoy the topics you want, without having to read or learn or be annoyed with the topics that you don’t care as much about.

All posts are now easily separated into four main sections:
Business, Musings, Books, and Style.

You can access each one via the tabs that you see at the top of the page, or the fancy schmancy feature slider that displays on the homepage.

Interested in Business but not Books? Stop by the home page, click on Business, and read your heart out.

Want to talk Style and laugh at Musings, but don’t care one bit about Business? Stop by the home page, select Style or Musings, and go for it.

Care about Books, Books, and only Books? You know what to do.

There are also featured and recent posts within easy reach on the homepage and in the sidebar, and my About page and Contact details are easily accessible. Look for even more featured posts – many of them posts that you have told me are your favorites over the years – coming soon.

There are millions of voices out there. I appreciate it so much that you spend a few moments of your busy day with me. And as always, if stopping by the homepage is too out of the way for you, subscribe via email and new posts will show up right in your inbox. Free and clear, easy peasy.

Thanks for being here! Enjoy.

P.S. The opposite is also true – if you’re reading this via email, please stop by and check out the new digs! Let me know your thoughts via the comments, and your next cup of decaf is on me.

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