A letter to my unborn daughter

March 15, 2012

Dear Babygirl,

I hope you have your Daddy’s eyes. They’re a more striking shade of blue than mine, prettier when up against a green shirt.

Speaking of green, you have one green dress in your closet. Just one. All of the rest, I’m sorry to say, are pink. Every shade of pink is represented in that closet of yours. It seems that pink and frilly are the only two kinds of clothing that friends and family want to give you. If you’re anything like your Mama, though, we only have a limited amount of time to dress you in all of that pink before your preferences for blue and baggy take over and anything girly goes out the window, so I think we’ll take advantage of it.

I’m sure it will annoy me, you voicing your tomboy preferences like that. But deep down I think I’ll love it.

I wonder about your appearance, but more so I wonder about your personality. Secretly, I hope it’s not your Mama’s nor your Daddy’s, but some combination of traits that neither of us have. A marvel. A wonder of creation that we might stare at while you’re sleeping at night and say to ourselves, “How did we possibly have a hand in creating such a fascinating being?”

Oh! You just found my kidney. Or maybe that was my liver. I’m not sure. Look at you, better than your Mama at anatomy already. I knew you were gonna be smart.

This world’s a tough place, Babygirl, but I’m ready to help you navigate it to the best of my ability. As ready as I’ll ever be, at least.

I feel like I’ve been carrying you around for eons. The moment we saw the two lines on the stick a lifetime ago. Before, the amount of time those sticks only had one line seemed like a lifetime. Now it’s just a memory.

We’ve been waiting for you. Will you hurry it up already?

Wait, just kidding. I think we need these remaining 6 weeks. Daddy still needs to install the blinds in your room and I have to refold your blankets a couple dozen more times.

I don’t think they’ll ever be perfect until you’re here.


Thanks, Chris, for the inspiration.

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