Congratulations Mollie Jorgensen and Roog! I randomly selected a couple commenters and you two won the prize: a book of your choice from There are many, choose wisely. Winners email me at annie AT anniesorensen DOT com to claim your prizes! Thanks for all of the wonderful responses, everyone. — Today… …because I finished […]


Book Giveaway WINNERS!

June 7, 2011


Well looky here, just when I was finally getting used to having five of you lovely readers instead of four, nineteen of you showed your darling faces last week. Nineteen! You guys rock. The Lifestyle Design book giveaway requested that you answer the question, “What does lifestyle design mean to you?” and share that answer […]

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Maybe because my shelves are overflowing and something needs to be done to remedy the situation, lest they come crashing down. Or maybe because I’m in a giving mood. Or a somber mood. Or a happy mood. Or I’m just…moody. Maybe because I’m reading What difference do it make? and it makes me feel all […]