Diary From a Classroom

December 8, 2010

Classroom Annie!

If you happen to follow me on Twitter you might have noticed lately that, uhh, I haven’t really been tweeting much to follow. I’ve been in class! Nate and I have recently made things official: our first, solo, real estate investment property. Eek! We’ve had plans for years to get into real estate, and number […]


To summarize, action wins!

November 15, 2010

I heard a quote the other day from BK Boreyko that struck a chord with me: It’s only an advantage if you take advantage of it. Moral of the story? TAKE ACTION. What advantages are you leaving on the table? What business/relationships/money/success could those be turned into, if you decided to take action and make […]

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chequered flag, by tharrin on Flickr

One of the few television shows I catch on a regular basis is The Biggest Loser. Yeah yeah, laugh it up. IT’S GOOD. The main reason I enjoy it is because it’s not just about a house full of obese Americans competing with one another to lose weight. It’s about motivation. And about developing yourself […]

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So…yeah. This is my first blog post in two and a half weeks. Helloooo there! What better topic to tackle then, than motivation. Specifically, how to stay motivated when it comes to blogging. How I Do It My key to keeping my motivation when it comes to creating content for this blog is that I […]


There’s nothing better than late-night, sunken-eyed, bursts of clarity. I was struck the other evening with how many people are paralyzed by fear. So much so that they end of doing nothing. They end up NEVER doing ANYTHING. You’re too good for that. Here’s why (if you cannot see the video below, you can watch […]


St Louis Gateway Arch - Annie Sorensen

During a brief stint in St Louis last weekend I snuck in a couple hours to visit the famous St Louis Gateway Arch, something I had embarassingly not yet done in my 7+ years as a Missouri resident. While at the arch I ran into an interesting journal entry from Meriwether Lewis. Anything Lewis & […]


We all have folks in business that we admire. We look at their success, we look at their list of accomplishments, we look at their current state and wish we had it. Even just a piece of it. We CAN have it, you know. Because those successes? They all started somewhere. They all made the […]


Hawaii unplugged

March 8, 2010

Hawaii (02_2010 - Annies Cam) 022

I swam with sea turtles, watched whales, experienced a full-fledged tsunami evacuation, snorkeled, boogie-boarded, hiked, and ate an ocean’s worth of fresh fish. But I didn’t send a single tweet, status update, or email. I returned last week from a stunning 10-day vacation to Hawaii with my family and, after catching up on a week-plus […]