Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper, “Finish it.”

October 26, 2010

chequered flag, by tharrin on Flickr One of the few television shows I catch on a regular basis is The Biggest Loser. Yeah yeah, laugh it up. IT’S GOOD.

The main reason I enjoy it is because it’s not just about a house full of obese Americans competing with one another to lose weight. It’s about motivation. And about developing yourself into a better person. And about changing the path of your life and sticking with it.

Around the gym they show on tv there are quotes from trainer’s Bob and Jillian. One I caught during the last episode was:

“Stand up and finish what you started.” -Bob

In business, it’s the folks who finish what they started that even have a chance at winning. Those that finish fast and finish strong have an even better chance. But no chances are given to the ideas. To the half-baked projects.

That might be ok if you specifically planned to not finish. But there’s a difference between confidently and calculatedly reviewing and deciding not to move forward and, just…not finishing. You see?

Finish what you started. Consider not starting if you think you’re at risk of not finishing. Wins are not guaranteed, but at least give yourself a chance to jump into the ring.

You in?

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